wedding cars convoy in a traditional Lebanese village

Wedding Cars in Lebanon

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Partnering with Limo Beirut the best wedding cars rental provider in Lebanon

Since 2020 we have partnered with one of the best wedding car rental service in Lebanon, Limo Beirut, allowing us to bring you some top of the notch wedding cars, from vintage, to sports, to all sorts of luxurious bridal vehicles with their best drivers assistance. Call us now to book your wedding convoy.

Beautiful Maybach white decorated with white roses for wedding in Beirut Lebanon

Book the all white Luxury Maybach for your bride, along with 2 Mercedes G class, to make the best wedding convoy for your wedding in Lebanon.

The front of the original Excalibur sedan photo taken in a village in Beirut next to trees

Original Excalibur sedan. One of 101 ever made. This car is one of the most special wedding cars in Lebanon.

The front of the Luxury white Mercedes G class with the front door open

Luxury Mercedes G Class, now available for rental. Experience the best customer service with our trained team of drivers in Lebanon.

Ideal Bridal Wedding Car Rental

Do not underestimate the effect of the bridal car. We are here to assist you as you make your choices of the best limousines that your wife-to-be could dream of.

Surprise her with a Hummer limousine or a white Beetle limousine, or any of the wide selection of luxury wedding cars in Lebanon.

When the bride shows up at the yard of the wedding ceremony, all eyes are wide open waiting to see her come out of her beautiful limo wedding car doors, camera shutters are moving fast to catch her moves.

Our Wedding Limousine Fleet

Chrysler 300 C Limousine

regular chrysler white limousine decorated for bride

Luxury Phantom limo

Luxury Phantom limousine with jet doors open and flower decoration

Our wedding car convoys

Jaguar XJL

White Jaguar XJL from the front side

Jaguar XF

White Jaguar XF with wedding decoration in red

Jaguar S Type

Jaguar S Type parked on green grass

Regular Chrysler 300 C

White Chrysler 300 C decorated for weddings with a Lebanese plate number