Wedding Anniversary Ideas

Celebrating A Great Event in a Limousine

It is your parents 30th wedding anniversary. What about finding something special other than just a restaurant and a cake. In Lebanon that is hard to find. So here is something nice and special to plan.

A long limousine pulls into the drive way of your parents house. All the kids are gathering around it. They sound the horn and shout for them to look from their balcony. Imagine the view from above! They got to be proud. Assuming that they had been already warned that a surprise is waiting for them, they are already for the ride.

The number thirty in balloons and lavender decoration

A White Phantom Limousine Parked under building with doors open and a Lebanese registration plate number

Colorful drinks and cocktails for anniversary wedding celebration

Colerful confetti cone

Idea # 1 - A Limo Ride With A Cake

Order a special home baked cake and we would have already gotten you the champagne bottle and flute glasses. Everybody is comfortably reclining in their limo seats, the driver is driving slowly. The celebration begins, laughing about the 30 past years of the couple's married life. A nice couple of hours ride, along with a few good selfie pictures will keep a special and cozy memories of this wedding anniversary.

Idea # 2 - Limousine Rally Paper on the Lebanese Coast

Now it is really getting serious. After thirty or so years of marriage, the kids know it all. What if they get some intimate questions prepared for the couple. It is a rally paper game, the limo would stop at different game stations to allow for the couple to find some clues and solve few riddles. It is fun and has lots of room for creativity, mingled with food and drinks episodes.

Idea # 3 - A Dear To Heart Limo Ride

The couple celebrating their wedding anniversary got to have some special people who had impact on their wedding journey. What if one of the guys preparing the surprise party would make a story line that includes those special key people and locations in the couple's life. The limousine would make few nostalgic stops. Visit the church were they got married. Visit the place were they first met. Visit the best man and maid of honor. Bring some old memories into life and make sure you take the right pictures.

We hope that Limousine Lebanon and these few ideas are triggering new line of thoughts helping you to plan the wedding anniversary that you dream to create for your loved ones. And we wish you a nice limo ride!