Birthday Surprise Ideas

Treasure Hunt in a Limousine

Believe it or not, you are now looking at an idea that could be a hit for a 7 years old as for a 70 years old happy person. We customize it to suit your interests and curiosity depending on your style and taste. It's a birthday surprise idea involving riddles, clues, discovering various Lebanese sites on the coastal highway of Beirut to Jounieh to Jbeil and Batroun. Call now 70-020 046 and ask for a quotation.

Here is a scenario teaser:

Kids dressed in special costumes in a limousine

A group of kids are gathered around a table, looking over a treasure map and discussing their plan of attack. Suddenly, a sleek white Hummer limousine pulls up to the curb, drawing oohs and ahhs from the children. The chauffeur steps out and greets the group, inviting them to climb aboard.

A white hummer limo pulling up to pick up for birthday

As the Hummer sets off, the kids explore the luxurious interior, marveling at the plush leather seats, sparkling lights, and state-of-the-art sound system. Their excitement builds as they realize that this is no ordinary limousine ride.

The chauffeur announces that they will be embarking on a treasure hunt, with clues hidden throughout the Lebanese coastal highway and cities. The kids put their heads together, eagerly strategizing how to be the first to find the treasure.

Old map of discovery for treasure hunt

As they drive around the city, the kids work as a team to solve the riddles and track down the clues, feeling the thrill of the hunt and the excitement of riding in a Hummer limousine.

Finally, the treasure is found - a sparkling birthday cake and a treasure chest filled with prizes. The kids cheer and celebrate, thrilled by their success and the unforgettable experience of riding in a Hummer limousine.

The game is about teamwork, answering questions, learning about cities in Lebanon, finding clues, maps and keys, all designed and customized according to the birthday person and his likings and interest.

More Limousine Birthday Party Ideas

After gathering at the place of the birthday girl or guy, all awaiting to surprise her, leaning back in your limousine, preparing your glass, she's here! SURPRISE! Laughter, camera shutters, friends drinking her toast and off you go, the party is ON. The limo takes off, you are all dancing together (in a Hummer Limousine) or sitting back (if any other limo) enjoying the lights and music around you. As you can see pictures can better describe it!

Invitation card for a birthday celebration party

A white hummer limousine with confetti in background and birthday decoration

The birthday girl surprised seeing the limousine party

Candles lit inside the limousine to celebrate birthday

Drinking cocktails in the limousine

Idea # 1 - Hit Beirut Downtown

The first idea is to aim for Beirut Downtown area, where you can enjoy Beirut night life and lights. Once you are at Zeitouna Bay area, open the panoramic limo window and enjoy the noise and the beautiful Beirut skyline. Moving forward you get to Rawche, where you can get out and walk by the sea. Then your chauffeur would drive you into the Beirut Souks area where a nice restaurant would welcome you for dinner and birthday cake!

Idea # 2 - Arnaaoon Village

For a wilder trip, this idea takes you to Arnaoon Village, where you can enjoy the outdoors in larger quantities than the previous idea. Don't forget to call and make reservations. The evening could have as much outdoor games as you like, from bonfire, singing and playing guitar, enjoying tasty barbecue. Renting the limousine is a nice combination with a wild idea like this.

Idea # 3 - Kart Racing, Bowling or Dream Park

If it was me, i would definitely want to squeeze in some gaming into this whole surprise birthday event. Choose one of the 3 ideas, Kart racing, bowling or a venue like Dream Park, Zouk, where you can have some competition games to add to the fun pot.

Idea # 4 - Byblos Sea Cruise

Another great idea, is to combine the limousine ride with a sea cruise ride in Byblos, Jbeil. Make sure you do your bargaining with the boat driver beforehand so you get the best price. After you have done with the boat, you can finish it off with a nice seafood dinner before you cut the cake.